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Awakening Apr 4 '16

    I am so very sorry for my late reply.Motivated by you,I have spent days and nights building my own website.It is named know nothing about websites so it has been really difficult for me.Cannot even sleep well.

    I have been troubled by some questions for many years,say,what are human beings.

Awakening Apr 4 '16

    I certainly do not believe in Darwin's theory of evolution.I am not Religious,either.There are no answers,right?

    Maybe we are just some programs designed by something we cannot see.I have been trying hard not to think about that.Because life is meaningless,all the rights and wrongs are just our opinions. 

Awakening Apr 4 '16

    There is no right or wrong.This topic is very interesting.If you help others,they might be grateful and probably will pass on that warmth to others.But if you treat them too well,they might get spoiled.Speaking of 'spoil',it is very common in China.Parents or grandparents spoil their children by doing almost everything for them.I do not think that is good for children.Chinese parents love to make decisions for their children,too.

    If you hurt others,they might go through that pain,and become stronger.Like Nietzsche said,whatever does not kill you,will make you stronger. 

Awakening Apr 4 '16

    So,what is good? What is bad?

    Maybe one day that 'something' will stand in front of us and say,we created you. 

    That is not funny at all.

    Why are we born.

    I mean,we never chose to.

    And sometimes I am tired of this game named life.

    People never wake up.They are as stupid as ever.Selfish,greedy,weak.They never change.

    They can only see others' shortcomings.

Awakening Apr 4 '16

You see,sometimes I do not have the desire to go on.So I decided that at least,I should tell the TRUTH. 

Okay,now I will respond to your worries.'In danger.' All my life I have been living in danger.I mean my SOUL.All the people around have been exerting themselves to assimilate me.They wish that I could be the same.

Sometimes you have to admit that it is necessary to protect yourself.Like you said,human beings hurt human beings.Weakness is the sin.If China was weak,she might have been destroyed and disappeared from history.So seemingly,focusing on economy and military appears to be a great choice.If you are strong,you will be safe.

Awakening Apr 4 '16

That is true.

And,if you shut a tiger in a zoo,feed him with enough food,he would be safe too.He would not starve,he would be taken good care of.

But that is not him. 

So in China,if I shut up and stop thinking,I will be safe.However,what would that 'safe' do to me? No good.I do not want to spend the rest of my life living like walking dead.

The real problem is,why do we hurt others? Why we lie?

Awakening Apr 4 '16
Chinese know we are not free.They only know it.They do not face it.They only admit it inside.They are afraid of that potential crisis--the temporary peace we have now,is too precious to lose. But what is freedom? Is the US surveillance program PRISM freedom? Is invading other countries freedom? People hate terrorists.Where do terrorists come from? They are not born evil,I suppose. I do not know what you saw on Tv,but I know they are not all true.I am not defending my country,I am defending TRUTH.Chinese also speak ill of people in other countries. It would be amusing if they do not. And I know that in most cases they are just exaggerating. Lies are everywhere.
Awakening Apr 4 '16

Every country need to think about it.About we need peace,or wars.I wish people could understand that the real enemies are ourselves,not others,not other countries.Being in contact with someone with deep thoughts is a great thing for any individuals.A thing that makes us human beings feel alive.

I think it very necessary for me to point out the disadvantages of China.I must say what other Chinese dare not say,that we are far from perfect.That we are not free.That we should stop cheating ourselves.I love my country.I swear I do.That is exactly why I must rise and fight:because others dare not.

Awakening Apr 4 '16

They know it,but they dare not say.They dare not make a difference.They dare not change.For revolution,there will be sacrifice.

If I do not go to hell,who will? 

Consequently,safety is not what I am concerned.Also,do not you worry about it.Writing to you is a very meaningful thing to do.Helping China to fight other countries is not my business.I just want everyone of us human beings could think it over and decide what is really good for ALL of us.My thought is my weapon.For now,fighting is the only significant thing left to do.

Human beings cannot be caged.Even if I cannot make it,someone else will.It is hard to fight,but harder to be slaves.

Awakening Apr 4 '16

I want to thank you for your compliments.Jobs.In China it is NOT easy to find a good job,there are many many competitors--we have such a great population.That is also why we are in poverty.

And poverty is one of the reasons why few people travel a lot.Another reason is,most of us consider travelling a luxurious thing to do.Even if they have money,they prefer to save it in a bank for their children or other use. 

For me,I do not want to travel.I want to live abroad.I want to feel more refreshing things.I cannot cage myself. 

Awakening Apr 4 '16

    But there are more important missions to accomplish.People in my country seems to care too little about the world or mankind or other beings.Benefits.They say benefit is a everlasting thing.I am sad about that.Because people are the keys to almost all problems but they never use it in a great way.

Best wishes from China

polo123 Aug 22 '16
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