Make a pact with your Roommates


Date & time May 14 '21
Creator lynnjohn

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Moving in to a new city, to complete the academics, we go through a challenging period of identifying a place to stay. You are there to spend the next few years, while you complete your course in college. Not all the colleges have a hostel for students to stay. Ever if there is one, then the college decides for itself as to who will stay with whom for the entire academic session.


Living with a person that you hardly know, it is that one thought that never struck your mind before. It could be a challenge for students with a restrictive nature, or simply someone who does not socialize. Still, at some point, a start has to be made. Academic writing can be one of the best topics to talk about with a college student, you can also refer him to for academic writing help, or you can talk about the challenges that students face in their subjects.


Sharing your room also means sharing your time and all of the things that you could do. The same applies for your roommate as well. It can be hard and you may not be happy with it. So, it will be really helpful for each of the roommates, if an understanding can be developed.

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