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It is reported that in June 2013 the main excavator manufacturers sold a total of 8328 excavators, ring -28%, year on year 0%, the cumulative year-on-year .12% of the industry was basically flat, Komatsu, Liugong sales from negative to positive year on year growth in June Excavator industry sales were flat. Listed companies, Komatsu, Liugong sales rose sharply, an increase of 32%, 23%, Liugong growth mainly affected by the export of large single,chip spreader market up to 210 units, accounting for 40% of sales.

Domestic brand market share fell 3 percentage points in June, domestic brand market share of 42%, down three points last month; Japanese brand market share of 25%, up two points last month, Korean brand market accounted for Rate of 14%, with the previous month flat; Europe and the United States brand market share of 16%. Domestic brand decline mainly due to the first, domestic brand sales policy contraction; second, the current industry downturn in the main demand from large customers,7 ton vibratory roller price sensitivity High, the pursuit of better quality foreign brands. Sanyi, Liugong, Xiamen Engineering, China Union in June were 12% market share, 6%, 3%, 1%, Sany market share continued to decline slightly.

According to the market demand structure analysis, June digging, digging, digging accounted for 41%, respectively, 48%, 11%, in the large digging demand continued to rise slightly, the chain were To enhance a percentage point, small digging than the chain decreased by 2 percentage points. From the regional sales analysis,single drum vibratory road roller ingersoll rand the eastern, central and western June market share was 30%, 29%, 34%, little change from the previous month. June exports 606 units, -10% year on year, the chain -15%, export growth in May after a slight rebound in the sharp decline, the performance is still in the doldrums.

Investment Advice from the excavator main downstream data analysis, housing new start, water investment, mining industry investment, railway infrastructure, road investment in May year on year data were -1.5%, 39%, 10%, 26%, 25%. The new housing starts are still low. This year the domestic excavator production capacity has more than 40 million units to the current sales situation,rubberized cement crack filler the industry will face a serious excess capacity to speed up the reshuffle. Is expected in the coming months, the demand for excavator demand is still limited, the industry recovery efforts and sustainability is weak, the adjustment period is longer, investment opportunities still have to wait.

nt, real estate needs down, to achieve the expansion and extension of the downstream industry chain; and the flooring industry up, to enhance the service upstream real estate developers. And this real estate and downstream suppliers reverse breakthrough, the strategic transformation of ideas, and ultimately embodies the vertical and horizontal, through the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain integration ideas. We have already set up special channel department in 2007 to open and operate the project. Through the industrial structure of solid wood, hardened and multi-category common development of wood flooring, we can meet the real estate project's project by the advantages of rich category and price. Project requirements. Another important step that will be carried out at present is the development of the project channel specifically for the product, in order to go further and meet the ind

ividualized demand of the channel to satisfy than Ka can. In September 2008, Premier Wen voiced a clear-cut stance on Wall Street: Confidence is more important than gold and money in the face of economic hardship. This sentence is also applicable to the floor in the winter in the Chinese flooring business. Despite the macro-control in the limit order and other background, the upper real estate industry's impact on the flooring industry will continue for some time. But the long term, the flooring industry growth in the next few years will not slow down. For the Chinese flooring business, in order to achieve the leapfrog development in 2012, must have their own rules of response. The market downturn is not terrible, people panic was terrible. We will work with distributors to step up our brand strategy, and use the power and ability of innovation to adjust the strategy and market behavior to adapt to the new situation of market competition, to achieve the new The sustainable development of the situation.

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